"We can talk about the world that doesn’t have a barrier even though we are locked inside of the wall." 

- Haruki Murakami

The history of  remnants of my hometown and the sea I lived near as a child lead me to imagine that space can collect and contain the history, stories and movements of surroundings within it. I imagine that all these scenes have been accumulated into walls, corners and the floor, and they are deeply etched and imprinted as strong images in the space.

I collect some fragments from the etched components and collage them on canvas, paper and installation which becomes the third space. When a photo and another photo are combined, it is as if a new dreamlike image is created with a distorted perspective and dimension; I collage a space and another space, memories and the history.

Not only is the third space grounded on a reality, a placeness and its history, but also it is where memories and afterimages of the place are coexisting together. In the space, history and physical reality are faded and receded, but the feelings and remnants of memories are more marked and emphasized. It presents how physical things are ephemeral and temporal and how remained things become more concrete and permanent. And the third space, where these two different parts merge, exists between the two worlds and creates its own unique dimensionality. And I sail back and forth among them.